What is load management?

Load management is a crucial aspect of managing the electrical grid, and it plays a significant role in ensuring that the grid operates efficiently and reliably. Load management involves actively managing the demand for electricity by shifting the demand from peak hours into hours of the day when demand and prices are low. Our app Peak Energy helps electric vehicle (EV) drivers charge their cars during off-peak hours, which can help manage the load on the grid and reduce strain during peak hours.

What are peak hours?

Peak hours are periods of the day when electricity demand is highest. Typically, peak hours occur during the day when commercial and industrial activity is at its highest, and people are using electricity for lighting, heating, and air conditioning. During peak hours, electricity demand can exceed the grid’s capacity, leading to brownouts or blackouts. To prevent this, utility companies may use various load management techniques, including load shedding or imposing higher prices during peak hours to reduce demand. Try to avoid charging your EV during those hours at all costs – both for your own wallet but also to lower the overall electricity demand. Peak Energy can help you with that.

Proper load management is essential for the stability and reliability of the electrical grid. By managing the load on the grid, utility companies can ensure that there is enough supply to meet demand during peak hours, thereby reducing the likelihood of power outages. Load management also helps improve the grid’s efficiency by reducing energy losses, which can result in significant cost savings for both the utility company and the consumer.

Load Management: Essential for reducing CO2 emissions

Moreover, load management is not just important for the stability of the electrical grid, but it is also essential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By managing the load on the grid and encouraging the use of renewable energy sources, utility companies can reduce their carbon footprint and help combat climate change. Our app will also play a key role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging EV drivers to charge their cars when renewable energy sources, such as wind or solar power, are abundant.

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