Flex Aggregators

Broadening Flex Market Horizons with Integrated EV Battery Solutions

Flex aggregators now have the opportunity to expand beyond stationary batteries and enhance grid stability by incorporating electric vehicle (EV) batteries as a dynamic resource. This integration significantly increases the volume available in the total flexibility market. Peak Energy collaborates with flex aggregators to deliver a comprehensive energy management solution. This solution connects and manages solar energy, stationary batteries, inverters, and offers flexibility services for both EVs and stationary storage, coupled with intelligent charging based on hourly pricing and solar generation.

Peak Energy extends its flex services not only to single-family homes but also to larger-scale settings including multi-family residences, workplaces, and other substantial installations, thereby widening the scope for flex service providers. For flex aggregators lacking in statistical EV behavior models, Peak Energy can provide crucial insights into optimal bidding times. Moreover, if the aggregator already possesses statistical capabilities, we can enhance this functionality by supplying detailed data on when and how much each EV will charge, thereby sharpening the precision of bids in the flexibility market.

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