I have issues connecting my EV to the Peak Energy app. What should I do?

No worries, our team is here to help you at any time. Our main goal is to have satisfied users that can start saving money with our app as fast as possible. So if there’s any issue, just reach out to us at info(at)peakenergy.se

I already use another smart-charging app/solution. Why should I switch to yours?

Peak Energy has the most advanced smart-charging algorithm in the market, helping you to save up to 70% on your charging costs. But don’t take our word for it, just try it out yourself. The setup takes just 3-5 minutes and requires no additional hardware. Remember to disable any other smart-charging app before using Peak Energy to smart-charge your EV. Click the links to download Peak Energy for iOS or Android

What if I have no access to hourly rate pricing and pay a fixed hourly price instead?

In that case you can still use our smart-charging algorithm in order to charge your EV in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. If you also want to save money while charging, you will however need to switch to hourly rate pricing.

Do I need to set a home location?

In order to use our smart-charging algorithm, we need you to provide us with a home location. Smart-charging will only happen at the home location.

What should I choose as my home location?

This should be the location you charge the most at and where you have access to hourly rate pricing. This is usually your home, but it could also be your workplace, if that is the place where you charge your EV most of the time.

What happens when I charge outside of my home location?

The way our app works currently is that our smart-charging algorithm is only activated at the home location you set, and disabled everywhere else away from this location.

What is the radius around my home location that I can smart-charge in?

The smart charging is available with a radius of 400m around your home location.

What does it mean to charge based on “Lowest price”?

We make sure to optimize the charging process of your EV for the lowest electricity prices possible, also taking the available time window for charging into consideration (set by the Ready-by-time setting). This means, the more time or the faster charging power you have, the higher the chances are that you will benefit from charging at the lowest prices possible.

What does it mean to charge based on “Safe range”?

By enabling the “Safe range”, the app will disregard the minimum target charging level setting and always tries to charge to the maximum target charging level, which you can read more about below.

How much will the battery be charged when I need my car to be ready?

Normally you will reach at least the minimum target charging level charged by the time specified by you in the app (Ready-by-time). The expected battery level, which in some occasions can be both larger and smaller than the minimum target charging level, is displayed as a percentage on the main screen, just above the charge graph.

What does “Charge target (min)” mean?

This is the minimum battery level that we aim to charge. If the prices are extraordinarily low, we might charge up to the max level. If the available time for the charge process is too little, it is possible that the min target cannot be reached.

What does “Charge target (max)” mean?

This is a setting in your car, which typically is set to 100% or close to that. The car will not charge above this limit to avoid negative effects for the battery.

What does “Charge to max now” mean?

If you press on “Charge to max now” your car will ignore our smart-charging algorithm and charge as fast as possible to reach the max charge target level that you have set in the app. When the charging is stopped, for example when you have reached the max target, the app will go back to perform smart charging again.

Why does the car start charging and then suddenly stops after a short while?

There is a short delay between plugging in the car and the system registering that event in our app; therefore the charging stop could be delayed by a few seconds or a minute. The fact that the EV stops charging after it is plugged in, is explained in the question below.

Why doesn’t the car start charging when I plug in the car?

This could have a few different reasons. First of all it might be that the current electricity prices are too high and therefore the charging process does not start right away. Secondly, your current battery level might be above your minimum target charge level, in which case we only charge when electricity prices are extraordinarily low.

Why does the car start charging even if the prices are high?

This could have a few different reasons. First of all it might be that you try to charge outside of your home location. Secondly, the time to charge to the minimum target charging level might be so short that our app is “forced” to charge as fast as possible, thereby disregarding the current prices. Lastly, some EV models force charging to the maximum level (despite our app sending a stop command), typically when they are already close to the maximum level. If your EV is affected by this, please reach out to us via email and we will assist you (info(at)peakenergy.se).

How do I delete my account from the Peak Energy app?

To delete your account you can open the app -> go to Account -> Personal details and press Delete user. You can also email us at info(at)peakenergy.se. This will delete all data associated your account.

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